[Ekiga-list] Echo in Calls

I have read previous posts on this subject, but I still cannot resolve
the problem. I use Ekiga to make PC-to-Phone calls. I use a headset.
I am running Ubuntu Jaunty beta, with PulseAudio. When I make calls, I
can hear fine, with no echo, but the people I am talking to complain of
a very bad echo. This includes both landlines and cellphones. There is
also a delay between when they talk, and when I hear them. The headset
I use has a mute button, but even if I mute my end, the other person
still hears an echo. I have tried enabling both "echo cancelation" and
"silence detection" in Ekiga's preferences, but this has had no effect
at all on the echo. Ekiga's codec preferences are set to use Speex
16khz codec. I have a very good Comcast cable connection, with download
rates in the 750mb-1gb range. Anyone have any idea how to fix this?
Would turning off PulseAudio help?

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