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Le vendredi 28 novembre 2008 à 21:48 +0100, Martin Uecker a écrit :
> On Fri, Nov 28, 2008 at 07:40:24PM +0100, yannick wrote:
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> > Well, according to wikipedia, it seems toredo has the same limitations
> > as Ekiga currently has...
> There is an extension to the protocoll which supports symmetric NAT
> traversal. "Synteredo" or so, there was an IEEE paper about that.
> The miredo website claims support for symmetric NAT traversal:
> 19th August 2007 - Miredo 1.1.0
>     This is a test release with initial symmetric NAT traversal support,
> and various other minor enhancements and fixes. Note that it might not
> work too well on non-Linux systems - BSD support will be fixed later as
> the 1.1.x branch matures. 

"Can Miredo serve behind a symmetric NAT?
Currently, Miredo cannot serve as a Teredo client behind a symmetric
NAT. However, in preparation for this to eventually become possible,
Miredo can accept other clients behind a symmetric NAT (as of version
0.9.8). It's a matter of time before Miredo supports symmetric NATs to a
larger extent (however in any case, support for symmetric NATs will
never be equal to support for other NATs due to limitations of symmetric

Microsoft has written extensions to its Teredo client so that it can
contact other Teredo peers, so long as not both of them are each behind
a symmetric NAT. At the time of writing, implementation details of this
extension are yet to be disclosed. If you have access to these
informations or feel capable of helping reverse engineer them, please
contact miredo dash devel at remlab dot net. Note that if you are in
contract with Microsoft for protocol licensing, you are most likely not
allowed to do that, as the Microsoft license might be incompatible with
the licensing terms of Miredo.

The NICI-Teredo authors have written a paper entitled Enhancing Teredo
IPv6 Tunneling to Traverse the Symmetric NAT. My understanding is that
it does not fully address the problem, and propose a fairly insecure
solution to the problem."

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