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Thanks David

The other endpoint is not necessarily a PC, in fact is most often a Tandberg Edge unit connected to a plasma screen and a projector - it can do People+Content/dual video but does so using H261 (or similar), I would be happy to send the screen instead of the webcam as they don't need to see me when I am showing something. Also not always talking to my workplace and getting another company to go through the process of providing a PC/laptop,  setting up VNC, opening the relevant ports, etc is too much like pushing peas up hill with a pointed stick.


David Mohr wrote:
On Sat, May 3, 2008 at 10:13 PM, maw design <maw design bigfoot com> wrote:

 I'm not sure of the best way to submit feature requests, so I thought I
would send them here.

 I use Ekiga (2.0.11) at home on a windows machine to connect to a Tandberg
room system at work. It all works really well.

 What I would like to be able to do is to show my desktop to the other end.

 While a video capture driver for the screen could be developed for ekiga it
would not be easy to make for the different os that ekiga works on, would it
be possible to instead make a plug-in to capture VNC (i.e. ekiga as a VNC
client) and then transmit it as the video. That would also allow me to use
one PC to view the people at the other end and another to present to them
from as the VNC server would not have to be the localhost machine, vnc is
also a cross platform solution.

Hmm, why don't you just use vnc alongside ekiga?

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