[Ekiga-list] Long delay before connection - DNS SRV?


i read a message a while ago about Ekiga on Linux sending "DNS SRV"
requests which cause a delay if the DNS isn't configured properly.
I think I am having that issue at the moment.
Clients are connected to an Aasterisk server in the same subnet that
acts as sip server.

When placing a call there is a 5-6 second delay until Asterisk "sees"
the request and starts dialing.

We are using Ekigas packages that came with Ubuntu 8.4.1

DNS is done by a Router in our LAN that acts as standard gateway for
all clients and is connected to broadband internet on the other side.

Is there a workaround for the problem? If neccesary i could setup
another DNS server in our LAN.
My problem is that i didn't really understand what the problem is, I
never heared about "DNS SRV" before and reading up on it
puzzled me even more.

Dialing times are crucial for us, so i have to fix this.

Any ideas?

thanks a lot

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