[Ekiga-list] 2.0.11 100 KByte max video bandwith cap?

I searched around and the only post I could find on this topic was:

http://www.mail-archive.com/ekiga-devel-list gnome org/msg00989.html

...and the responders got caught up in the semantics of this person
asking for a free lunch (someone compiling him a version), instead of
addressing the question of "why there is a 100KByte max bandwidth

So, I'm asking again here, because for what I can tell on both the
Windows and Linux/Ubuntu 2.0.11 versions, this cap seems to be
arbitrary and could prevent certain connections from taking place (for
instance, our Cisco MCU is configured to a minimum of 384KByte).

I've tried editing .gconf/apps/ekiga/codecs/video/%gconf.xml to see if
there was just a limit put on the input box and after this test and
looking @ the latest 2.0.11 source, it does in fact look like this is
hard set in druid.cpp, line 1528:

    gm_conf_set_int (VIDEO_CODECS_KEY "maximum_video_bandwidth", 100);

So, to reiterate, I'm simply asking why this is as it is.

Apologies if this is a mal/uninformed question, though I feel like
I've tried to research this out on my own as far as I can go; I'm
completely comfortable compiling my own version with a higher
arbitrary limit, but am looking for the rationale as to why this was
set this way to begin with.



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