Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga v2.0.11 and Logitech Pro 9000

George Reeves wrote:
I am running Kubuntu v7.04 and have installed Ekiga v2.0.3 via the repositories. My webcam, a Veo Stingray 1, does not provide me with a bright enough picture to use Ekiga; it has no controls to adjust the brightness.

I purchased a Logitech Webcamera Pro 9000 to replace the Veo Stingray 1, but it hasn't worked out well. I think that I need to install a uvc driver, according to various threads I have read. Is this correct?

I have two questions:
(1) How do I find and install the proper driver for the Pro 9000?
(2) How do I install Ekiga v2.0.11? I.e., I have been to the download website and have seen what files are available but I don't know which I need to download. In the past I have simply downloaded a .deb package and installed it, but this is a little more complicated than that. I am capable of downloading, de-gzping the files, and running (even compiling, if necessary!) an install. I just need some help in knowing what to download and what to install.

Thanks for any help from a newbie.

Try one or all of these repository's.
deb feisty main
deb feisty-experimental main
deb feisty main
deb feisty main

I will also add that the wiki is really great but very difficult to find on the main site.


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