[Ekiga-list] Running on multiple interfaces (VPN+Internet)


I'm using Ekiga successfully on my work VoIP net. But sometimes I
would like to, also, try using some of the tollfree servers available
on the internet, yet this doesn't work unless I restart Ekiga after
changing the listening ip address, but then it doesn't work to my
work's VoIP.

Problem is I have 2 different ip addresses on my computer, one is my
work's assigned VPN address, the other is my LAN address, both on the
same interface (eth1).

If Ekiga starts on my LAN address I see arp packets asking who has my
work SIP server ip address, going through my LAN network.

Instead, listening on my VPN address, it just tries to reach the
internet through the VPN which won't work since it's filtered ^_^.

Is there any way to work around this?

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