[Ekiga-list] Scaling video in Ekiga?

Hi all

For those who remember my requests for help in early January with
problems calling from Windows to Linux and vice versa whilst on the same
lan, thank you for all your help - everything worked fine once we were
in different places. Phew!

I now have a new help request.

I have a 640x480 webcam built-in to my laptop running linux. My
mother-in-law has a lower resolution webcam built-in to her laptop
running WindowsXP.

Her video looks clean and quick, with no blockyness on the default
maximum video bandwidth. My video (from what she tells me and from using
the 500 echo) is much slower if the Quality Setting is all the way to
the right, and blocky as soon as you start going across to frame rate
priority. This is the case even on higher bandwidth settings. However,
if I don't move, the picture is lovely nice and sharp! Both video images
are displayed at the same size, but the incoming 'looks' to be lower

Monitoring the bandwidth usage on linux shows that the incoming data
(her video) is much lower than the outgoing (my video), although that is
after I have increased the max bandwidth of course!

So I think that the problem must be that my webcam is transmitting video
at full 640x480. Is this possible? Can it be downsized? 

Thanks for your help.


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