[Ekiga-list] Grey color format


I am doing some experiments on video bandwidth, using ekiga and modifying its code a little bit.

I'd like to use alternative lower bandwidth video flows. I think a good idea can be eliminate the colour information by setting the "Grey" colour format instead of the "YUV420P" format.
I have tried to make a simple gui for this but it if I try to use the "Grey" format I got the following error:
"Error opening video device," "The driver doesn't seem to support any of the color formats supported by Ekiga"

I have taken a look to pwlib and they seem to try any colour format you give it and if it can not be used they just try using other colour format.

There is any reason why Grey format can not be used instead of Ekiga?
Is it a problem with the webcam?
Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance,
David Esteban

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