Re: [Ekiga-list] Dynamic IP

Le vendredi 22 février 2008 à 01:54 +0800, Leszek Koltunski a écrit :
> Hello Ekiga gurus,
> First of all, thanks for the wonderful proggie. I am using it for a few
> days now and I am already loving it!
> Now, my little problem. First, let me explain what I am trying to
> achieve.
> I live in Taiwan now; my family is in US. My mom is too old to be
> bothered with softphones, and there's no one there to install an IP
> phone for her, so I figured I could get an account and get an
> number assigned to it. I would have Ekiga running 24/7, I
> thought, and this way I would be always available.  So I did and it's
> working (almost) flawlessly.
> 'Almost' because Ekiga seems to log me out after some time. Yesterday it
> was working, today no one could call me and I couldn't even call
> sip:500 ( calls history says: 'call end reason: security check failed' )
> When I restarted Ekiga, the problem disappeared.
> Maybe it's because my IP got changed last night? ( my ISP kicks me out
> every 3 days ) I'll have it running for a few more days and see if the
> problem arises always after the IP change. Then I suppose I can write
> some script to restart Ekiga, but maybe someone here already has a
> solution for this problem?

Are you behind a NAT router, or is the PC live on the internet ?
In the first case, it should work. In the second case, there is no other
way than restarting Ekiga for now :(
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