Re: [Ekiga-list] Problem connecting ekiga 3 to ekiga 2

Le dimanche 28 décembre 2008 à 15:56 +0100, Jiri Cerny a écrit :
> Recently I upgraded from Ekiga 2 to Ekiga 3 (by upgrading from Fedora
> 9 to Fedora 10). Since then I have problem to call my sister which
> still uses Ekiga 2 (more precisely quite old Ekiga 2.0.1 on Fedora
> Core 5, which cannot be upgraded easily). The problem is that she can
> hear me but I cannot hear her.
> When I reboot back to Fedora 9 and use Ekiga 2.0.12 (I think) to call
> her, then everything works fine, so there is not obvious problem with
> her setup. If I call  500 ekiga net from Ekiga 3.0, then everything is
> also fine.
> I have got logs from one unsuccessful call, but I do not understand
> them very well. They are attached to this email. Can you see from
> them, where the problem is? Thank for your help.

There is something weird : it asks to receive audio on port 5062, it
means that it is probably the same port on the router and on the desktop

However, it happens in both log, but in the Ekiga 3 log, you receive no

Can you check with tcpdump and / or wireshark if you actually receive
something on port 5062 ?
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