[Ekiga-list] Problem connecting ekiga 3 to ekiga 2

Recently I upgraded from Ekiga 2 to Ekiga 3 (by upgrading from Fedora
9 to Fedora 10). Since then I have problem to call my sister which
still uses Ekiga 2 (more precisely quite old Ekiga 2.0.1 on Fedora
Core 5, which cannot be upgraded easily). The problem is that she can
hear me but I cannot hear her.

When I reboot back to Fedora 9 and use Ekiga 2.0.12 (I think) to call
her, then everything works fine, so there is not obvious problem with
her setup. If I call  500 ekiga net from Ekiga 3.0, then everything is
also fine.

I have got logs from one unsuccessful call, but I do not understand
them very well. They are attached to this email. Can you see from
them, where the problem is? Thank for your help.


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