[Ekiga-list] Status of Echo test ?

Hi All , With the great work from the Ekiga team the Echo test in H264 is really great  , I tested it on Ekiga3 Windows , and it really makes a difference when you want to show the quality ( even stuff like skype don't have this option )

However , I frequently have to set up some mac or Windows machine and finish with Xlite or some other limited software in order to keep on using SIP ( and not let people fall on the tentation of using skype ...)  , and in order to test their setup , I was looking for an echo test who support either H263 or H263-98 as Xlite does not support either H261 nor H264 for some ridiculous reasons ....

Do you know any ? or how is this difficult to make ekiga * works with those two codecs ? thanks

Michel memeteau
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