Re: [Ekiga-list] Re^2: file and format of address book

peasthope shaw ca wrote:
Eugen & others,

Start gconf-editor (which looks into ~/.gconf), ...

gconf-editor installed under xfce4 and appears to work.

... choose apps/ekiga/contacts.

Interesting. According to gconf-editor contacts appears as a directory but ls doesn't mention it.

You can copy/paste from the old to the new.

Under "Local Contacts" in the address-book window in Ekiga, I can create a new address book named test for example. But then gconf-editor still shows only one line beginning "remote_addressbooks_list". Neither of the address books under "Local Contacts" is visible.

Why are Local and Remote contacts distinguished?
Is the distinction only for user understanding?
Is there a technical distinction for the software?


I don't know what to say. You should try ekiga 3, maybe the format for local/remote contacts has changed.


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