Re: [Ekiga-list] how to bypass SIP server and call a computer directly?

"Rene Bartsch" <ML Bartschnet de> writes:

>> "michel memeteau" <michel memeteau gmail com> writes:
>>> I think putting Whatever Ipadress will work.
>> Thanks for this information!
>> Testing seems to indicate that XYZ IPADDRESS, IPADDRESS,
>> sip:XYZ IPADDRESS, and sip:IPADDRESS all seem to work similarly.
>> What is the rule here?  It seems that the “sip:” prefix is the
>> default and can be omitted.  What is used for the part to the left
>> of the “ ” when it is omitted?
> Depends on the receiver. The syntax is <user>@<host>:<port>. When
> using standard ports, you don't need <port> (defaults to
> 5060). <host> is either domain or IP. Some soft- and especially
> hardphones demand for a <user> while others don't.

What does Ekiga do with a user name on an incoming call?  Just ignore

What happens in general when the user name is left out?

> The AVM Fritzboxd is much more special as it only calls callees with
> a SRV record. But often <ip> only works.
> But there's one special case in Ekiga. Alphanumeric addresses are
> interpreted as "sip:" while numeric-only addresses are interpreted
> as ENUM addresses.

Thanks for this info!

Does this mean that “1234” is equivalent to “enum:1234”?  Is there
some standard prefix like “enum:” that is used for ENUM addresses?


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