Re: [Ekiga-list] how to bypass SIP server and call a computer directly?

"michel memeteau" <michel memeteau gmail com> writes:

> I think putting Whatever Ipadress will work.

Thanks for this information!

Testing seems to indicate that XYZ IPADDRESS, IPADDRESS,
sip:XYZ IPADDRESS, and sip:IPADDRESS all seem to work similarly.

What is the rule here?  It seems that the “sip:” prefix is the default
and can be omitted.  What is used for the part to the left of the “ ”
when it is omitted?



> On Mon, Dec 8, 2008 at 7:02 PM, Joe Wells <jbwells blueyonder co uk> wrote:
>     Dear Ekiga gurus,
>     How do I bypass a SIP server and call a computer directly?  The
>     documentation only describes how to call someone who has an SIP
>     address.  However, if I know their IP address, I should be able to
>     contact them directly, right?  What do I put as the address to call?
>     Do I just use the raw IP address?  Do I need to prefix it by some
>     string?
>     --
>     Thanks,
>     Joe

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