[Ekiga-list] can't compile ekiga 3.0.1 ubuntu hardy


I used this site
(http://wiki.ekiga.org/index.php/Talk:Additional_Information#PTLIB) to
help compile and install ekiga 3.0.1.  However, i notice a difference
in the final configuration where the directories for the PTLIB and the
OPAL do not show.  I've included my output below and it clearly
doesn't show the PTLIB and OPAL directories.

I tried to compile ekiga later on with make and i got an error

================ Final configuration ===================
          Installing into prefix  :  /usr

                   GNOME support  :  enabled
                   GConf support  :  enabled
   Evolution-Data-Server support  :  enabled
                  NOTIFY support  :  disabled
                    LDAP support  :  enabled

                  XVideo support  :  enabled

                   H.323 support  :  yes
                     SIP support  :  yes

                    DBUS support  :  enabled
            DBUS service support  :  enabled
             mDNS/DNS-SD support  :  enabled
               GStreamer support  :  disabled
            KAddressBook support  :  disabled
                     KDE support  :  disabled
                    XCAP support  :  disabled

                         OS Type  :  linux-gnu
                    Machine Type  :  i686
                      Byte Order  :  little endian

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