Re: [Ekiga-list] \"remote user cleared the call\" problem

Le mardi 02 décembre 2008 à 11:19 +0100, Palo S. a écrit :
> > 
> > A cancel can be sent if you are using forking, ie 2 Ekiga registered
> > with the same account name, from 2 different IP addresses and ports. As
> > soon as one answers, a CANCEL is sent to the other one.
> > 
> > Couldn\'t it be the case ?
> It could be that due to a problem with NAT a private
> IP communicates with the server as well as the public 
> IP. I can probably only say after I sniff the 
> communication. I will run a sniffer when I have time 
> and let you know if I find something interesting. It 
> is also interesting that with Ekiga 2.0.12 (on called 
> side) it behaves differently - I have not had a look 
> at d4 yet but it looked like caller (thought that) 
> estabilished a SIP connection but called side not 
> (it continued to ring on the called side, even after 
> cancelling the call on the caller side). 
> In any case, it worked fine with the previous server, 
> so there must be a way to either fix or at least 
> workaround the problem on the code level (either server
> or maybe also client) which would be nice at least because 
> of ordinary users that do not know/wish to play around 
> with port forwarding (all ports forwarding was 
> originally enabled by the provider in this case, not by 
> the user...)

If only I understood what really happens... Unfortunately, it is not the
case :(
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