Re: [Ekiga-list] \"remote user cleared the call\" problem

> A cancel can be sent if you are using forking, ie 2 Ekiga registered
> with the same account name, from 2 different IP addresses and ports. As
> soon as one answers, a CANCEL is sent to the other one.
> Couldn\'t it be the case ?

It could be that due to a problem with NAT a private
IP communicates with the server as well as the public 
IP. I can probably only say after I sniff the 
communication. I will run a sniffer when I have time 
and let you know if I find something interesting. It 
is also interesting that with Ekiga 2.0.12 (on called 
side) it behaves differently - I have not had a look 
at d4 yet but it looked like caller (thought that) 
estabilished a SIP connection but called side not 
(it continued to ring on the called side, even after 
cancelling the call on the caller side). 

In any case, it worked fine with the previous server, 
so there must be a way to either fix or at least 
workaround the problem on the code level (either server
or maybe also client) which would be nice at least because 
of ordinary users that do not know/wish to play around 
with port forwarding (all ports forwarding was 
originally enabled by the provider in this case, not by 
the user...)


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