[Ekiga-list] Snapshot has lost some tricks

Hi Folks, love the work that is happening on Ekiga !

I use it on Ubuntu (Hardy) and found the official release very unstable.
However, the snapshot I grabbed today is a lot better.

However (there is always an However...) I note that the snapshot seems
to have lost two valuable features from the production version -

1. The test button on the audio config page. The production one gives
you back your audio four seconds later, very comforting to know it

2. The facility to test for NAT, and then add in STUN if necessary. In
fact, I cannot find anywhere to add STUN to my config in the snapshot. I
am behind a NAT and cannot make any outward going SIP connections, so
assume I need STUN.

Both of these happen during the Configuration Assistant run.

Any chance of seeing these back in there or is there better solutions
available I have missed ?


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