Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga on Asus EEE / PC900 ?

> > >> One of the (few) options for Xubuntu softphone installs was Ekiga. After
> > >> some sound config confusion I ran the echo test. Worked great. I assume
> > >
> > > Assume? Did you actually use it? Several people have told me it was running,
> > > but when I asked if they were able to make a connection they had never tried.
> > > Ekiga has crashed while trying to make connections. Webcam and sound can
> > > otherwise appear to work.
> >
> >  the echo test does make a connect somewhere; does it not?
> >
> >
> >
> > If not and these do not require a connection, then no, I have not
> > actually used it. At all.
> If the echo test works, the rest must work. It behaves like any other
> ekiga softphone you would connect to.
> --
> _ Damien Sandras

This makes sense, as long as the echo (SIP: 500 ?) works reliably. That Youtube link I just
sent, which was a Canadian review about this particular hardware, specifically mentions
and demonstrates that the webcam will not work under the EEE version of Ubuntu,
so I assumed Ekiga won't work, at least the video won't. If someone here got audio, video
AND Ekiga working under EEE Ubuntu, then please feel free to post details of
your success here and on Youtuibe, hopefully explaining why this difference from the


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