Re: [Ekiga-list] For or against ?

Le vendredi 08 août 2008 à 01:29 +0100, Werner van Staden a écrit :
> Hi,
> I am just wondering... what would stop me from having people connect
> directly to my asterisk server and having conversations via this server
> without any charge? Sorry for the defiance, but am I missing something
> here? What would be the benefit of paying $30 every month (or year)?
> Seriously, if it is worth it I will pay... I would just like to know the
> benefits up front. 
> ... does this come from or someone else? What happens to
> and my account there?

Just to make things clear for everyone :
- The link I posted is related to FreeWorldDialup, an alternative to The service was free during a few years, and they are now
asking for a yearly fee.
- The advantage of a service like or FreeWorldDialup is that
it is running 24/24 on a public server. It provides a SIP address.

Why would I ask for a fee instead of keeping the service free ? 
I don't know, I was just asking for opinions : would you be ready to pay
a small fee or would you stop using the service.

When a service asks for a small fee, let's say 10 or 20 dollars per
year, it is less than the price being paid for a book. It represents
very few money. 

Will I do that for ? Probably not. I was just asking for
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