[Ekiga-list] IAX2 support (was (Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Ekiga 3.00 available for WIN32 *only*)

>> > and we can bury SIP finally.
>> Joking ? Sip support is really important. Most VideOIP software support
>> it.
> Keep cool!
> I think all he wanted to say was: Nobody who does not *want* to use SIP
> but would rather prefer IAX2 (for example, because he's behind a NAT
> firewall and has problems to make STUN work properly) will not be forced
> into SIP anymore.

Yes, I just want to be able to connect to anyone with SIP.

Mmh, I never tried whether IAX clients can work work peer-to-peer (with
some DNS tricks it's possible with any SIP client).

> If IAX2 will marginalize SIP (as SIP did with H.323) is to be seen.

If it's standardized it has the potential to do this within a few years.

- VSPs:             Less horsepowers on the VoIP servers
- Hardware vendors: Much cheaper hardware
- Users:            Much more reliable, only one NAT-port

By the way, about three years ago I did some testing with IAX and SIP.
On a Server (Intel P4, 1024 MB RAM, 100 MBit/s inernet connection) I had
set up an Asterisk installation with facsimile support. The server was
connected to a PSTN gateway of a VSP with SIP and IAX. Then I tried to
send 10 facsimilies from a facsimile machine (FAX (analogue) -> ISDN ->
PSTN -> PSTN Gateway -> Internet -> Asterisk server). The latencies
between PSTN gateway and Asterisk server were about 5 -10 msecs.

With IAX eight facsimilies were successful, SIP failed completely!

> Just wondering, and yes, this is entirely off-topic:
> Does IAX2 support video?



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