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Hi David, thanks for your response, Currently I on the croquet's page.

thanks you so much, in 2 or 3 days I'll write a mail tell you about my experience with croquet


On 5/5/07, David Corking <lists dcorking com> wrote:
On 5/3/07, Francisco Rivas <taken2k4 gmail com> wrote:
> Look, in my company we need an audio/video conferencing tool what support
> share presentations and file transfer, but we need an open source (gpl)
> software,

Since you don't mind integration, have you looked at the Croquet SDK ?

Croquet is open source and has 3D audio conferincing, and allows users
to share presentations,  desktop applications and videos.

However it needs a fast 3D accelerator on each PC.

Hope that helps, David
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