Re: [Ekiga-list] Speex codec

Here a list of systems I tested with.

Dell precision 340 W/SoundMAX Digital Audio
Dell precision 530 ???
Dell Optiplex  745 W/AD High Definiton Audio
Dell latitude D610 W/ SigmaTel C Major Audio

All running Windows XP SP2

I also tried the Logitech camera microphone as my source on all the above systems with the same results. I am currently trying to setup the laptop to Dual boot Ubunto "Feisty" Linux to see if that works on that hardware. I do not think the hardware is bad because we currently use all these systems with Polycom PVX H.323 S/W all the time. We are just looking for some other free package to recommend to our users when they do not want or have the money to spend.

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Le jeudi 03 mai 2007 à 16:32 -0400, Masullo, Chris F a écrit :
> I have tried using two different headsets as well at the microphone that in included with my Logitech camera and PC speakers. By changing the settings in the audio configuration menu. I do not like using anything besides a headset when using Desktop Audio or Video since the echo and the audio quality can be very bad.

So you tried with different soundcards, and with different headsets, and
with different computers, and with all of them, the audio assistant test
fails ?

Can you confirm that ?

If so, I really have no idea, and I can confirm you are the only one to
have reported that problem with the WIN version up to now (we have
several computers running Ekiga on WIN at the office without such a
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