Re: [Ekiga-list] help about : délai dépassé

I read in the "can't login" thread about an ISP blocking VoIP traffic,
could this be also my problem ? and how to check ? My ISP is the French
Tele2, does someone have a working connection using this one ?

Damien Sandras a �it :
Le jeudi 03 mai 2007 �5:41 +0200, jean-luc damnet a �it :
Your router drops the answers from

Try with and without STUN in ekiga.
Try to see if the router doesn't embed broken SIP support.

I tried with and without STUN (using voxgratia), same result in both cases
as for broken SIP support, I have no idea (Olitec modem/router SX500)
since this one is now some 5 years old, I'll probably end up buying a new DSL Modem-Router... any brand/model known to work ? As it's for a small 3 systems home connection I'm looking at things like Netgear DG834, Bewan BWA800, DLink DSL524T, etc

I have a DLink that works well, and also an US Robotics one that works
well too.

That is still weird that the answer is being dropped. Don't you have
some kind of logs ?

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