Re: [Ekiga-list] You need the PWLib library to compile Ekiga


On 08/10/06, Damien Sandras <dsandras seconix com> a écrit:

I think that the library was compiled with the wrong headers and the
wrong ptbuildopts.h

Make sure that the system was clean when compiling it. Remove all
related headers is /usr/include
(/usr/include/ptbuildopts.h /usr/include/ptlib.h /usr/include/ptclib /usr/include/ptlib)
and start a fresh compilation from scratch.

This was neatly taken care of by my doing a 'make uninstall' (followed
by a 'make clean' to be sure).

Don't forget to recompile OPAL and Ekiga.

Opal compiles without a hitch - it has never given me problems (knock on wood).

Ekiga behaved differently this time. First it complained about a
missing ebook, but I got around this by:
export EDS_LIBS=/opt/gnome/lib
export EDS_CFLAGS=" "

Next complaint from Ekiga:

checking for AVAHI... configure: error: Package requirements
(avahi-client >= 0.6 avahi-glib >= 0.6) were not met:

No package 'avahi-client' found
No package 'avahi-glib' found

Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH  etc, etc...

I tried to do the same trick as above with the AVAHI_CFLAGS and
AVAHI_LIBS variables, which gave me a 'clean' configure, but when I
started the compilation with 'make' it (of course) ended up with some
errors about some missing avahi-clien include files missing.

Is Avahi supposed to be part of a standard Suse 10.1 installation? If
not how do I get around this problem. Avahi is not mentioned in the
FAQ as a required package.

Best regards,


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