Re: [Ekiga-list] You need the PWLib library to compile Ekiga

Bent Bagger a écrit :

I hope I'm not too alone on this list... nothing has been archived
from it so far. But here goes:

I try to build Ekiga from the sources on a box running Suse  Linux
10.1 with KDE as my chosen desktop manager. I have built pwlib and
opal from the sources without problems, but when I run

./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc

in the ekiga-2.0.2 directory I get this:

checking for PWLib includes in /usr/include/...
checking for /usr/include/ptlib/pprocess.h... yes
checking for read in -lpt... no
configure: error: You need the PWLib library to compile Ekiga

This does not look consistent to me. What have I done wrong???

It is consistent :
(1) it found pwlib's headers
(2) it didn't find the lib itself.

Did you install pwlib correctly ? Looking in config.log is generally the best way to know what went wrong in a configure script.


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