Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] [Linux] Ekiga evolution

On 30/04/13 10:22, Thierry Simonnet wrote:

I worked on my own to see how to have a more up to date version of ekiga.
For Gtk, there is no major problem to use gtk+3 for Linux or windows.
For Opal there is a MAJOR problem that exists even now.
Opal (x_10 branch) codecs (H264, MPEG4, H263+) use libav. BUT they use it
through dyna. Checking libavcodec with nm shows that all ffmpeg functions are
not there. And then, dyna dlopens well library but dlsym fail (avinit - not
important-, and more). HD codecs are unusable with libav. ffmpeg is more
compliant. It in easy to check it with ekiga -d 4 and searching link keyword".

I will look into these issues as soon as libav v9 appears in debian unstable.

I checked x_12 branches of opal and ptlib to see if they are usable. They are
with ffmpeg without any modification. For ekiga itself, some evolutions can be
easily handled but I have not a good knowledge of the ekiga code. Some errors
remain especially in opal-call-manager.cxx.

We will fix v12 issues when we release 4.2.0 and we switch to v12 branches.


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