Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] How to modify Ekiga Source Code?

On 28/12/11 10:41, Ebru wrote:
This term I have a project about voip quality of service. I need to measure
quality of voip calls.
In the scope of my project my first aim is to find packet loss.
In addition, my instructors want me to create packet loss while I am talking
via softphone in the local.
As you know generally in the local, voice quality is good.

For this reson, I choose ekiga because it is open source. I need to change
ekiga source code. Especially,
I need to find source file which control RTP packets and put them in order.
Then, I need to change this source file to create packet loss randomly. Then
I need to compile it and use this ekiga for testing my project.

Could you help me which file has UDP handler and seperate RTP packets?
How can I save this modifications and compile it?

Look at for compiling ekiga; take a tour on the wiki site.

RTP packets are controlled in opal library, I suggest you to start by looking into rtp.cxx file.


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