Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] OT: Fwd: change of e-mail addr of my accounts

Le lundi 16 janvier 2012 à 18:13 +0100, Eugen Dedu a écrit :
> > Hello,
> >
> > I need to change the mail addr of my Ekiga SIP accounts and don't
> see
> > how to do this :-(
> > I wrote already to the Ekiga accounts<accounts ekiga net>  w/o any
> luck;
> > any ideas?
> Well, if nobody answered, it seems it is not yet possible...  Still,
> it 
> could be implemented like in any mailing list processing: send an
> e-mail 
> to confirm address change.

Well, I receive those emails and I must admit i've not answered them
since a long time... Sorry I do not have enough time. I still hope to
find a way to automate the process of changing email adresses in some

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