Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Ekiga 3.3.0 crash on selecting menu

Hello Eugen !

On Mon, 24/01/2011 at 09.13 +0100, Eugen Dedu wrote:
> On 20/01/11 05:44, g trentalancia libero it wrote:
> > Ekiga version 3.3.0
> > I also had this crash sometimes (but not always) after starting Ekiga
> > and just selecting the "Modify" menu (no call in progress or being
> > attempted).
> >
> > This crash is not easy to reproduce.
> >
> > Attached stack backtrace.
> Thank you very much for the backtrace.  Where is the "Modify" menu?
> The crash is strange, it appears at:
> #7  0xb7e37dcb in menu_item_selected (w=0x86fd6e0, data=0x0) at 
> ../lib/gui/gmmenuaddon.c:144
>          statusbar = 0x86fd500
>          id = 1
> i.e. in the code following from gmmenuaddon.c:
>        gtk_statusbar_remove_all (GTK_STATUSBAR (statusbar), id);
> however statusbar and id seem right.

It's the new Gtk function at line 144 of lib/gui/gmmenuaddon.c that
breaks the code:

#if GTK_CHECK_VERSION (2, 21, 2) */
        gtk_statusbar_remove_all (GTK_STATUSBAR (statusbar), id); */
#else */

Reverted back to the old code (commented out #if block) and everything goes 
back to normal...

Well, the Modify menu does not exist. It's the Edit menu (I was
translating "manually" from the localised version) ! Sorry about that.

> Julien, do you have an idea?
> Guido, could you compile manually ekiga if needed, or have you installed 
> the binary, from a repository?

Yes, of course if you have something to propose, I can compile and test
easily anytime. You know now the problem is with the call to
gtk_statusbar_remove_all()... because I have Gtk > 2.21.2.

Julien says he can't see anything wrong with the code... I am using Gtk 
version 2.23.2, bug there not showing up in any other Gtk application ???



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