Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] [WIN32] gtk2+-2.22 integration

On 15/12/10 11:30, Peter Robinson wrote:

It has never been in. Julien, should it be built in Windows port? It

Well, it is experimental, but as far as I know it works... and how do
you test in-depth something nobody ever tries? Or perhaps I should add
an "EXPERIMENTAL" tag somewhere?

Ok, then we will add it. Thiery, could you send us a patch to Makefile
to use Loudmouth?

I tested new win32 Makefile on a fresh Debian squeeze 64bits platform. I
didn't have time to add LOUDMOUTH yet.
I noticed that there is some troubles with GTK_CFLAGS and GTK_LIBS flags
(perhaps also with CCFLAGS and CXXFLAGS). They are not well set up in
ekiga/lib and ekiga/src Makefile. gtk/xxxx.h are not found pkgconfig
doesn't seem to work as well as expected.

Have you used the last git repository?  Such a fix was posted in "Fix
previous commit":

I also noticed that for the whole toolchain we use 2 versions of libpng
(libpng12 and libpng - 14).

libpng14 is not used, since I remove -lpng14 (useless for ekiga it seems).
  I ask myself if for libpng12 we use, headers+lib or only headers are

I use the last version of git repository. I saw the fix for libpng14. But
libpng14 is required. I succedded to generate an ekiga setup.exe. But I need
more work to diagnose why it doesn't work on my server.

It would probably be a good idea to at least support libpng 1.4
because 1.2 is moving to end of life very soon (if it hasn't already)
so while it will be around for some time to come it would likely be a
good idea to be able to use both.

In fact, only headers of libpng are needed. I updated it to libpng 1.4, cf.


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