[Ekiga-devel-list] ekiga, ptlib, opal HEAD for ekiga 3.3.1

Some tips to generate an ekiga 3.3.1 git-557_gb89bb3e using opal/ptlib/ffmpeg/x264 -HEAD version for both Linux (Slackware 13.0 - 32/64 and Debian sid 32/64) and Win32 target OS. Both versions have now the same comportment and crashes.

 * in src/opal/include/opal/connection.h :
    line 1847 change private by public
P_REMOVE_VIRTUAL(PBoolean, OnIncomingConnection(unsigned int), false);
            P_REMOVE_VIRTUAL(PBoolean, OnIncomingConnection(), false);
            P_REMOVE_VIRTUAL(PBoolean, IsConnectionOnHold(), false);
            P_REMOVE_VIRTUAL_VOID(OnMediaPatchStart(unsigned, bool));
            P_REMOVE_VIRTUAL_VOID(OnMediaPatchStop(unsigned, bool));
P_REMOVE_VIRTUAL_VOID(AdjustMediaFormats(OpalMediaFormatList &) const); P_REMOVE_VIRTUAL_VOID(AdjustMediaFormats(OpalMediaFormatList &, OpalConnection *) const); P_REMOVE_VIRTUAL_VOID(PreviewPeerMediaFormats(const OpalMediaFormatList &));
            P_REMOVE_VIRTUAL(bool, HoldConnection(), false);
            P_REMOVE_VIRTUAL(bool, RetrieveConnection(), false);
            P_REMOVE_VIRTUAL(bool, IsConnectionOnHold(bool), false);

* in include/libavutil/common.h
        missing def for UINT64_C(val).
        I add
        #define UINT64_C(val) val ## ULL

* in src/ptlib/include/ptlib/object.h lin 980 :
trouble with "memory pooling allocators". Definition for gcc >=4 is not working <ext/bitmap_allocator.h> I had to use the "else" part of the code.
        // Memory pooling allocators
#if defined(__GNUC__) && __GNUC__ >= 4 && !defined(P_MINGW) && !defined(P_MACOSX)
        #include <ext/bitmap_allocator.h>
template <class Type> class PFixedPoolAllocator : public __gnu_cxx::bitmap_allocator<Type> { };
        #include <ext/mt_allocator.h>
template <class Type> class PVariablePoolAllocator : public __gnu_cxx::__mt_alloc<Type> { };
template <class Type> class PFixedPoolAllocator : public std::allocator<Type> { }; template <class Type> class PVariablePoolAllocator : public std::allocator<Type> { };

* libboost configure for Slackware 64bit version :
        Default library path is /usr/lib and must use /usr/lib64.

Thierry Simonnet

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