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I will have a look on all troubles.

I tested chat part of Ekiga.
I noticed that there is a trouble when sending an instant message with a SIP account. The "From" field of the SIP MESSAGE (RFC3428) is set to <windows user> and not to cid_num.

I integrate MESSAGE method on chan_sip of my asterisk- As there is no more patch for Asterisk IM, I had to do it myself. :-(

My tests :
I use 2 accounts on 2 different Asterisk PBX :

   * 6002 on wagram
   * 6001 on matthias

Both are connected using ekiga.

I use sipsak to generate messages :

   * sipsak -M -c sip:6002 wagram esiee fr -v -s
     sip:6001 matthias esiee fr -B "Hello Kitty"

No trouble to receive the message on 6001's chat windows.

When using chat window to answer, I have :

   * receive_message: Received message to <sip:6002 wagram esiee fr>
     from <sip:simonnet 147 215 7 172>, dropped it... is my laptop IP address (no trouble). But simonnet is my windows account. Ekiga account is 6001 (for the 3 fields Name, User and Id). No trouble with network configuration. All tests are done using public IP adresses.

Let me know where I had to do some mods.

Best regards


On 02/03/2010 08:03 PM, Eugen Dedu wrote:

Hi Thierry,

Thierry Simonnet wrote:
I used version 496 intensively. Here are my first feedbacks :
1/ trouble with the fist call. I need to use history or adress book. The
green phone pic at the right has no effects.
2/ trouble to end a call. Many time, it is necessary to click twice or
three time on the red phone pic.
3/ h263+ is not working
This is known:

4/ crash on exit.
Could you look for all the other, since it seems they are windows specific?

Hope this helps.

On 01/29/2010 07:54 PM, Thierry Simonnet wrote:
Some feedbacks on 493/494 version using logitech QuickCam S5500 under
winXP SP3:

works with500 ekiga net  more than 40h without quality loss (h261/PCMA)
I also did some test on my own asterisk PBX. No trouble with h261,
h263 and h264. H264 needs CPU resources.
H263+ doesn't work. I will send next week debug logs.

Chat seems working on I will be pleased to have some hints
to activate it on my asterisk.

I had no crash when quit.

Delays between local are very short. I will do some measures.

Let me know if you want some specific tests.
Snapshots are available at Don't hesitate
to give me any feedbacks.


Thierry Simonnet


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