Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Win32 audio issues cleanup

Michael Rickmann wrote:
> As far as I can see Win32 Ekiga's audio device / file handling need some
> changes:
> 1) After the GetVolume issue has been fixed in Ptlib (
> ) Win32 Ekiga can "store" the volume settings of its primary audio
> device in the OS's mixer settings similar to the Linux version. Now
> "commit d5761aedc38561b0e Keep the output sound volume across calls
> 2009-08-18 19:19:32" is counterproductive and should be reversed (see
> attached ekiga_1outvolume.diff). It was  done under the assumption that
> Win32 Ekiga would have to store its volume settings in a config key.
> 2) Dominik's test results in
> show that Win32 Ekiga suffers from a threading issue which prevents the
> desired primary audio output device to be saved across calls. I think
> that this relates to bug
> . Win32 Ekiga really
> needs the patch (for reference see attached ekiga_outaudiodev.diff).
> 3) As Jarmo Pussinen reported Win32 Ekiga is unable to load
> dialtone.wav. It uses the wrong DATA_DIR because
> lib/engine/audiooutput/audiooutput-scheduler.cpp does not include
> lib/platform/winpaths.h. Attached ekiga_win32dirs2.diff fixes that.

All the three have just been committed on stable and master, thanks!


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