Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Which IDE you have used to build the source ?

Balu a écrit :
    I want to work with the best VoIP client, so i have selected 'ekiga'.
I'm also facing the same error like '[Ekiga-devel-list] Unable to load the
source in 'Eclipse IDE(3.4.1)', Siva'.

    Can you please tell me, which IDE you have used to build the source in
'Linux' OS.? I will try to use that same IDE.

I don't use an IDE. I use emacs for big editions and vim for small editions ; gdb in the terminal or nemiver when I'm not in the mood for terminal for debugging ; valgrind for memory-related chasings...

May I suggest that you start by doing simple programs before you jump in ekiga? You don't seem to know much about programming yet...


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