Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Ekiga 3 on FreeBSD

Eugen Dedu wrote:
Could you please inform opal-voip mailing list about all that?

Will do, thanks, and will keep this list updated with my progress.

For the patches: are all the changes to be applied upstream, or some of them are only cosmetic? For ex.:

I think the only cosmetic patch is in make/lib.mak. The rest looks to be necessary, but if applying it upstream is cumbersome the patchset can happily live in the FreeBSD ports system.

[has location of pkgconfig changed?]

Maybe just a FreeBSDism - On FreeBSD, all pkgconfig files are kept in /usr/local/libdata/pkgconfig.

-#ifdef P_MACOSX
 #define environ (NULL)
[Does not this break other OS compilation?]

As it stands, probably yes, so this patch is a hack really. Perhaps the conditional should be changed to:

#if defined(P_MACOSX) || defined(P_FREEBSD)

Instead of removed completely. I will make a note to test this before submitting a new patch.


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