Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] alien registrar problem

Christian Schäfer schrieb:
Michael Rickmann wrote:
Yes opal is providing a possibility for handling this kind of brain-dead provider now. Only Ekiga has to pick it up. Since is serviced I worked against the aliens - patch is attached. What it does it lets Ekiga try twice to register, the second time setting %LIMITED. Or if you know before that you have a limited provider you can put the string %limit into the name of your account and Ekiga will succeed without retry. I tried under Linux only and only with with which Ekiga could not register before. Now it works.

Great, thanks Michael. Is this change available through svn? I'll give it try.


Yes, svn co src/opal -r HEAD in one line or 23104 instead of HEAD. My patch is against Ekiga master only so you need a recent version there as well.

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