Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Cross-compiling ekiga for win32

I forgot to say that we apply the patches from within the Makefile. So for the patch I sent you would edit the Makefile, look for a line saying (cd $(EKIGA_DIR)/; git $(GIT_EKIGA_REV) ) and add a line, starting with a tab !!!, (cd $(EKIGA_DIR)/; patch -p1 < $(WIN32_DIFF_DIR)/ekiga_helpers.diff ).

Jarmo Pussinen schrieb:
Michael Rickmann wrote:
That Window is absolutely harmless. It is caused by some code in Opal
when debug output is selected and should only contain messages from the
h264_video_pwplugin_helper.exe. Ekiga's debug output should be contained
in a file ekiga-stderr.txt which should appear on your desktop. This
change of file location has become necessary because of security
features of newer Windows versions. I start Ekiga in debug mode from an
extra shortcut symbol with -d 4 added to the command line.

And the promised logs follow.


That is really bad. I have not tested such a new Win32 Ekiga under real world conditions as I was working on other aspects introduced into the code. The jitter buffer errors, the last signs of life in the first two logs come from Opal which was linked in. My observations are that new Windows are piling up under Win7 once a connection has been established or inability to open the sound device when a call is made. Together with your logs it seems to indicate that the code in the "libgmopal" can not work properly after "Split ekiga into an exec and helper libs". Could you build Ekiga before that change was done? To do that edit the Win32 Makefile look for a line starting with GIT_EKIGA_REV and make it read
GIT_EKIGA_REV = reset --hard 4fed510c131. Then test again.
As to the crash on exit, it may have been caused by the same problem but also others. In general Ekiga seems prone to crashes on exit. This is a problem of design and may have evolved gradually. In essence, Ekiga waits until the main thread has terminated and relies on Opal and Ptlib to destroy part of its objects from the heap. This is really difficult to debug.

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