Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Cross-compiling ekiga for win32

Michael Rickmann wrote:
> As we cannot download the win32 subdir separately from git. Starting to
> build Ekiga would change as follows.
> Obtain Ekiga
>   git clone git://
> Make a copy of the win32 directory
>   cp -a ekiga/win32 .
> Change into that subdirectory, it will be your "BUILDROOT"
>   cd win32
> Get all the sources
>   make update-sources
> Build Ekiga
>   make
> The Makefile will try to move the already downloaded Ekiga to the right
> place during the make update-sources.

Is this still the proper advice on how to build win32 version?

I have installed mingw32 version that was mentioned in erlier mails,
but I still get three errors. I kind of fixed them, but the resulting
executable crashes on video call and on exit.

I have attached the bug logs and my patches how I fixed them.
(The patches are incremental and should be applied after each
corresponding bug, because of the way the build script creates
the source tree.)

Especially the first bug seems weird in celt/configure:
./configure: line 12345: syntax error near unexpected token `tools="tools",'
./configure: line 12345: `  XIPH_PATH_OGG(tools="tools", tools="")'

And I am sure that my fix replacing 'XIPH_PATH_OGG(tools="tools",
tools="")' with 'tools="tools"' is not very good.

The second bug is about undefined _win32_sysconfdir.

And the third bug is about misplace ekiga-rc.o.

The latter two I fixed in a reasonable manner (I hope)
by adding to Makefile and by fixing ekiga-rc.o path
in another Makefile.

I cannot give much debug help about crashes, because starting
Ekiga with command line "ekiga.exe -d 4" causes an additional
command line window named
c:\Program Files\Ekiga\plugins\h264_video_pwplugin_helper.exe
to appear, but that window stays empty.


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