Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Cross-compiling ekiga for win32

Michael Rickmann wrote:
> Yes things have changed a week ago with "Split ekiga into an exec and
> helper libs". This has been done to make the Win32 version Ekiga-plugin
> capable, eventually.
>> Jarmo Pussinen wrote:
>>> I have attached the bug logs and my patches how I fixed them.
>>> (The patches are incremental and should be applied after each
>>> corresponding bug, because of the way the build script creates
>>> the source tree.)
>>> Especially the first bug seems weird in celt/configure:
>>> ./configure: line 12345: syntax error near unexpected token `tools="tools",'
>>> ./configure: line 12345: `  XIPH_PATH_OGG(tools="tools", tools="")'
>>> And I am sure that my fix replacing 'XIPH_PATH_OGG(tools="tools",
>>> tools="")' with 'tools="tools"' is not very good.

I just noticed in the log something that hopefully concerns
this bug:
configure: WARNING: unrecognized options: --disable-oggtest

I am not a master of the configuration tools, but maybe
this gives somebody a clue, where the problem lies.

>>> The second bug is about undefined _win32_sysconfdir.
>>> And the third bug is about misplace ekiga-rc.o.
>>> The latter two I fixed in a reasonable manner (I hope)
>>> by adding to Makefile and by fixing ekiga-rc.o path
>>> in another Makefile.
> Could you test whether attached diff also works for you it is similar to
> yours with respect to the _win32_sysconfdir and fixes the ekiga-rc.o
> trouble right from the beginning.

Your patch worked fine.

But it seems to suffer from the same problem than mine.
If it is used before build, then build process overwrites it.
At least I had to use that patch again after make had stopped
to the _win32_sysconfdir bug.

After I checked what your patch does I am a little dobtful about
my conclusion, so I test it more.

> That Window is absolutely harmless. It is caused by some code in Opal
> when debug output is selected and should only contain messages from the
> h264_video_pwplugin_helper.exe. Ekiga's debug output should be contained
> in a file ekiga-stderr.txt which should appear on your desktop. This
> change of file location has become necessary because of security
> features of newer Windows versions. I start Ekiga in debug mode from an
> extra shortcut symbol with -d 4 added to the command line.

I attached three logs now. First two are from crashes where
remote or local party has answered a call and the last
one is from the exit crash. Hopefully it helps.

I am using XP.


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