Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Latest TRUNK

Craig Southeren wrote:
Damien Sandras wrote:


Could somebody with the problem try to make Ekiga TRUNK run with stable
OPAL and PTLIB? I'm only interested in the 'outgoing calls' problem.
- 14th Feb trunk for p/o/e worked.
- Yesterday trunk for p/o/e does not work (successfully opened, but cannot write). - Yesterday trunk for p/o and 14th Feb ekiga does not work (same error). I am not still 100% sure, because I have not executed make install for ekiga, I just executed src/ekiga (still I think it should have worked).

Then the fault lies in PTLIB/OPAL ?

The last change to the ALSA plugin was was on 5 Feb:

- Installing now 14th trunk for p/o/e works, so there is not a problem with other libraries on my machine
- 14th trunk for p/o and today's ekiga works too

=> something broke in p/o between 14 and today.

Should I test 14th ptlib and today opal (to differentiate between them)?


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