Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] release for gnome schedule? + Gstreamer status

Peter Robinson a écrit :
I'm not sure about the status of GStreamer. Snark, can you comment on
this ?

It compiles and I can get a list of devices like audio in/out and a
video picture (my lappie doesn't have webcam and haven't got around to
testing 3.1 on my netbook).

I did comment on it pretty recenly (18th of january), but it's probably a good idea to remind where things stand :

- video preview works, though Eugen reported a crash, but I'm not sure he didn't have binary packages incompatibilities (partially upgraded gstreamer packages -- the theory is that they're ABI&API compatible... but I saw strange things when I had a mix of unstable+experimental debian packages) ;

- video in a call should work, though I saw crashes with goom (which I haven't debugged yet) ;

- audio events testing works ;

- audio input and audio output in a call don't seem to work correctly (but don't crash) -- I'm pretty sure it's something simple which gives issues, a stupid incompatiblity in the data formats or some such, which means it can start to work fast.


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