Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] windows: minor bugs

Hi Dominik,
thanks for your report.

Dominik schrieb:
Hi Michael,

two minor bugs:
1. At the end of the installation there is a checkbox "Run Ekiga". But
it doesn't start Ekiga.
For me it works. Could it be that you had set Ekiga to start hidden, i.e. iconified in one of your previous installations?

2. Right click on the tray icon shows an empty list with two arrows.
After scolling down, the normal pop up entries appears. (info, help, exit)
Yes, that needs to be improved. I do not see the arrows but immediately get a rather slowly scrolling popup menu. It seems to be a Windows specific shortcoming of GTK+. Google found other people complaining about it. I would recommend attached patch which prevents Win32 Ekiga from calling the gtk_status_icon_position_menu function. So the menu will appear immediately right top of the mouse cursor. For Win32 this is definitely preferable.

I just uploaded new "stable" ..3.2.pre6 files to for everybody to test. They are pretty up to date and contain my latest fixes, also the one which was contained in the previous ...exe.isitbetter to fix remnants of the greyed audio button bugs.
diff -ur ekiga.orig/src/gui/statusicon.cpp ekiga/src/gui/statusicon.cpp
--- ekiga.orig/src/gui/statusicon.cpp	2009-08-31 14:04:57.000000000 +0200
+++ ekiga/src/gui/statusicon.cpp	2009-08-31 14:05:17.000000000 +0200
@@ -246,7 +246,11 @@
   gtk_menu_popup (GTK_MENU (popup),
                   NULL, NULL, 
+#ifdef WIN32
+                  NULL, NULL, 
                   (GtkMenuPositionFunc)gtk_status_icon_position_menu, icon,
                   button, activate_time);

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