Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Testing for 3.2.6

e schmidbauer a écrit :
> I would recommend compiling ekiga with celt 0.6.1
> The git version of celt is incompatible with freeswitch.


As the responsible guy packaging Ekiga *for the ekiga project* (i'm not
an ubuntu packager) for Ubuntu, and as CELT is a moving target until it
reach 1.0, my policy for the packages will probably be as follow:

Take the version of libcelt in the latest released ubuntu, OR
(exclusive) the actual dev tree of ubuntu and backport it to previous
ubuntu release.

For now the situation in ubuntu is as follow:
    * intrepid (libs): The CELT codec runtime library [universe]
      0.3.2-1: amd64 i386
    * jaunty (libs): The CELT codec runtime library [universe]
      0.5.1-0ubuntu1: amd64 i386
    * karmic (libs): The CELT codec runtime library [universe]
      0.6.1-1: amd64 i386

And for now, I do not package CELT, neither the official ubuntu package.

I've some work to do first on packaging the OPAL codecs (split them in
several packages because of a nasty bug related to MTU size and UDP
packets), then I will use the libcelt in karmic and backport it, thus
you're lucky, I'll use libcelt version 0.6.1.

Best regards,

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