Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] ekiga.rc

Am Sonntag, den 26.04.2009, 15:50 +0200 schrieb Eugen Dedu:
> Michael Rickmann wrote:
> > Am Sonntag, den 19.04.2009, 09:00 +0200 schrieb Julien Puydt:
> >> Michael Rickmann a écrit :
> >>> First we should decide whether the resources are moved to the win32
> >>> subdirectory. With my patch the resources would remain in the base
> >>> directory. I think that files containing copyright information, as the
> >>> resources do, could live there. Additionally, my patch is not quite
> >>> complete as it does not contain the change made to the win32 Makefile -
> >>> it will need more changes when we have ekiga 3.2 running - where I use
> >>> RC instead of WINDRES as an exported variable. RC seems to be a commonly
> >>> accepted abbreviation for a resource compiler. I can provide an updated
> >>> patch.
> >> It's win32-specific, so indeed it would be nice to push it into win32/.
> >>
> >> Ping us back when you have something you're happy with.
> >>
> >> Thanks.
> >>
> >> Snark
> > 
> > It took me some time to come up with something satisfying. Actually
> > there are two patches which I use now, a minor one for cleaning up
> > Ekiga's config files and then the ekiga.rc patch.
> The patches are for trunk only or for gnome-2-26 branch too? 
> (Personnally, trunk only is ok for me too.)
Trunk only is fine for me, but Snark has already acted.

> > The first diff corrects my own mistake. The libsasl2 includes have to be
> > added to the ldap ones and must not replace them. Additionally it
> > removes no longer used Win32 config files from WIN32_DIST.
> They should be removed from win32/Makefile too, isn't it?
Yes, but later as we discussed, because it will break the Makefile
completely. Cleaning up the config files will have no adverse effect.

> > The second diff deals with the Windows resources. They are called now
> > ekiga-rc.rc and are moved to the win32 subdir. The more distinct name is
> > necessary because I have integrated them into the autoconf / libtool
> > build process. ekiga-rc.rc uses now EKIGA_REVISION as defined in
> > src/revision.h instead of the ancient CVS_VERSION. Since Gnome changed
> > to git I had to replace SVN_REVISION in src/ I have chosen
> > the output of git-describe which is in the form
> > EKIGA_3_2_0-101-g86ade0b, i.e. the 101st commit to tag EKIGA_3_2_0,
> > where the hash of the commit starts with 86ade0b. This definition of
> > EKIGA_REVISION will affect ptrace output of linux too. You can change it
> > to something more appropriate as long as it is quoted.
> I would like to change:
> +   VALUE "FileDescription", "Ekiga is a free Voice over IP phone"
> to
> +   VALUE "FileDescription", "Ekiga is a free Voice and Video over IP phone"
I like it short: "Ekiga is free Voice and Video over IP" , meaning its free and
adds video to plain VOIP. We can think about it and change it later.

> but phone is not good, what can we put instead?
> (By the way, the desktop description should be changed too: "_Name=Ekiga 
> Softphone" to what?)
Just found it in the .po files, no idea.

> -- 
> Eugen

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