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yannick a écrit :
> H.S. a écrit :
>> yannick wrote:
>>> yannick a écrit :
>>>> Hello,
>>>> Ken VanDine from Ubuntu made a package of Ekiga 3.2 for the incoming
>>>> Ubuntu 9.04, it lacks several codecs but it is important to try it for a
>>>> possible integration to the next stable release of Ubuntu.
>>>> Further information and package here:
>>>> Best regards,
>>>> Yannick
>>> Ekiga 3.2 has been approved for Ubuntu 9.04:
>> Any news about the number of codecs included with it?
>> Thanks.
> Ekiga 3.2.0 just hited the official repository for Ubuntu 9.04, it has
> the G722 audio codec and all the audio codecs previously present. Video
> codecs are H261 and Theora.
> Codecs lacking are:
> Audio: CELT and ILBC
> Video: H263, H263-1998, MP4V-ES, H264
> I opened a bug report in Ubuntu BTS about this issue here:

In this bug report:
a user builded packages for some codecs lacking in the official Ekiga
3.2 package for Ubuntu Jaunty.

For now the video codec H.264 and the audio codec iLBC are available in
its PPA:

He asked for testing them. Any testers are welcome, please report on the
bug report mentionned above.

> Best regards,
> Yannick
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