Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] New branch for Ekiga 3.00

>> >>>> We should remove bonobo. I had removed all the includes. The problem is
>> >>>> that it still is linked through libgnome or libgnomeui, thus we can not
>> >>>> get rid of it.
>> >>> Let's get rid of libgnomeui & libgnome then : they're supposed to die
>> >>> anyway.
>> >> The only reason why we keep them is for gnome session support.
>> >> Without them, no more gnome-session support ?
>> >
>> > Is there not a replacement to it yet?
>> What does this "gnome-session support" bring in exactly?
> Remembering the session ?

Is that just so it starts back up on login if the user was running it
previously? Or is it used for deeper integration? Because restoring of
some stages isn't really appropriate like in a browser situation (not
like you want a call state restored :-) ). If its just for startup
Havoc has some reasonable discussion in this bug here about how they
do it for Mugshot.


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