Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Packages of bleeding edge Ekiga.

>> For those interested in the latest and greatest ekiga on Fedora 9 can
>> grab packages for x86_64 and i386 can grab them from
> That's great :)
>> Not sure if they'll work on Fedora 8 but they should be easy to
>> recompile with the included src.rpm's.
>> Its not currently setup as a yum repo but that is a possibility if
>> there's enough interest.
> This would be really nice for a larger audience; as the packs you roll
> out will update from time to time, it is really easier for people to use
> a repository. The more it is easier to use, the interest you'll get ;)
> I think it will be good to have a repository for Fedora on
> Damien, Jan ?

I could maintain that if people are interested. I maintain various
packages is Fedora already. When we start getting more official
alpha/betas for v3 I'll probably try and get them pushed to rawhide as


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